Photo Purchase & Download instructions

1. Select the event from our photo galleries

2. Enter the event password (some galleries are secured with a unique code. If you don't have the code for your event contact our office).

3. Click the shopping cart image on the photo you want to buy

4. In the quantity box click the + symbol to add it to your shopping cart

5. Either

(a) click the continue shopping button to view or buy more photo's (you can buy photos from multiple galleries in the one transaction)


(b) click the checkout button to proceed with purchase

6. Enter your payment details (if you have a discount coupon code enter that here too).

7. You will receive an email shortly after placing your order letting you know your photo's are ready to download. (If you don't already have an account with us you will also receive an automated email with an account username and password.)

8. Once your photo's are ready to download, go to our website and click the person icon at the top right corner and select LOGIN, enter your account username and password.

9. Go Back to the person icon and click it again, now select "MY ACCOUNT"

10. You will now see your account and order details (scroll down past account details). Click "view order details" next to the relevant order and then click the download button.

10. Photo's will now download.

If you are having problems downloading your photo's please contact us and we'll be happy to help.